My thoughts on PowerShell Saturday #009 – Singapore

So a couple of days has passed from the last PowerShell Saturday we had in Singapore on the 24th May 2014. I find it is almost time that I should pen down some of my thoughts as this is fourth PowerShell Saturday that was organized in Singapore. So this make it 1 year anniversary since the start! Hoorrayyyy! (Thanks to leads for Singapore PowerShell User Group)

In particular, I am really happy to be able to speak at this event even though my session was short and perhaps or hopefully sweet. Another thing that I am happy is that during the Hands-On Lab session we had in the second part of the day, I see that there are lots of participants that really cracked their head to complete the challenges. Even though many of them may have simply made use of the search engine to derive to the answer but of course it will not be totally same. Even if you find the solution, you will need to understand the commands as the values that was given may be different. An example would be, getting the network adapter connection configuration using WMI and change the property from DHCP to Static if it is assigned through DHCP. So, even if you are able to find the solution from the internet; you will still need to be able to replace the value accordingly such as passing the right value derived and set it as a static value.

There is one part where Matthew uses the [System.Speech] assembly to make PowerShell speak! It’s really funny and one of that challenge which is categorized as the Bonus challenge was to challenge if the users is able to get that working.

Through out the sessions from the day, I really expanded my horizon on WMI as I have yet to really explore on that! It is really so useful and I must have really missed using them as I have moved on to some Project Management kind of role in my day-job. (That’s not the point, I still meddle around and stay geek!)

During lunch, I spoke a few attendees to collect some feedback in terms of the food that is being served and proudly sponsored by Microsoft Singapore (Shout out to Kinda Lau, THANKS!) and I am please to hear that they are satisfied with the food that is being served.

One of the lesson that I have learnt as one of the lead of Singapore PowerShell User Group is that, we should really test out all the tools that is required for projecting the slides so that we do not allow our anxious and precious PowerShell-ers wait!

Rest assured ladies and gentleman, Matthew (PowerShell MVP), Benjamin and I will ensure that we will have a smoother delivery of the sessions by the respective speakers!

Did we miss saying that, if you are keen in speaking at one of the PowerShell Saturday session; please feel free to contact us!

Milton Goh
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Decoding Text using PowerShell–Sweet challenge :)

This may have been posted a couple of times online and can be easily found just by searching through the search engine but I just want to share it. I wouldn’t have tried to find out how to Decode/Encode in PowerShell if not for Mike Robbins. When I was trying to find his email address so that I could contact him, I found this on the “About” page on his blog (


So in order to get his email address, we will need to run the following commands in Windows PowerShell.

$encodedmsg  = “IgBtAGkAawBlAGYAcgBvAGIAYgBpAG4AcwBAAG0AcwBwAHMAdQBnAC4AYwBvAG0AIgA=”

$decodedmsg = [System.Convert]::FromBase64String($encodedmsg)

$decodedtext = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString($decodedmsg)

Write-Output “Mike Robbins email is: “ $decodedtext

That’s all! I got his email now! It’s pretty interesting as it shows that you need a little effort in learning PowerShell to get in contact with the PowerShell expert.

Cheers to Mike Robbins!

Milton Goh

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Little bump to my home lab–Crucial M500 mSATA Hard Drive

During the weekend, I have decided that I should be replacing one of the mSATA drive on one of my Intel NUC which I used primarily to run Virtual Machines on Hyper-V.

So I did some research and bought the cheapest available (> 200GB) mSATA. I chose the Crucial M500 240GB mSATA primary because of the price factor. It cost me SGD 189 for 240GB of space. This make sense because it just translate to less than a dollar per GB.

2014-05-10 18.32.11

2014-05-10 18.33.08

If you are an owner of Intel NUC or Gigabyte Brix, please really consider a higher capacity one. I realize that in the market, anything that is more than 200GB and less than 400GB is worth while at this moment for the price per GB cost.


Milton Goh

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I’m speaking at PowerShell Saturday #009–Singapore

I am delighted that I have been given an opportunity to speak one session over at the PowerShell Saturday again! This time round, I will be speaking about PowerShell + Azure. If you are a fan of PowerShell, you would not want to miss this awesome event where we will have our PowerShell MVP Matthew Hitchcock delivering two sessions!

Why wait? Head over to register here.

Hope to see you there!

Milton Goh

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Feedback/Suggestions for Microsoft Surface Power Adapter

It has been almost seven months since I bought my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and have always been a happy user. However, there are a few issues I have found with the Surface and I am going to detail out some of them from now onwards. Definitely, I hope this would bring improvement back to Microsoft so that they can take consumer feedback back to the team to see if this could be possibly fulfilled in future releases.

2014-04-30 23.11.17

2014-04-30 23.11.43

From the picture above, you can see that the rubber is tear from my AC cable. The AC cable is one that is used to plug into the power source on one head and on the other end it is connected to the adapter.

I notice that it got tore a couple of months ago after rigorous usage of my Surface Pro 2. Since the day I made my purchase, I have used my Surface Pro 2 as the replacement laptop for my work and/or personal usage. So I realized that it got tore of especially when I do not unplug the AC cable from the adapter before tidying up the cable and kept into a pouch.

I never had such experience before for my previous laptop (Dell XPS 13, HP Elitebook and Lenovo X220) so I find it rather weird.

So hereby, I am putting through this suggestions to Microsoft.

  1. Change the head of the end for the AC cable so that it does not break so easily.
  2. Increase the length of the cable (especially the AC cable section) – Reason being is that, since the adapter has an USB port which has always been very handy for me. I would love the adapter to be near me especially when the power socket is further from where my laptop is situated most of the time. I have always use the USB port to plug my cable to charge my mobile phone. This save me the hassle to bring one more adapter head along and also charge faster this way (comparing to charging using USB port on my Surface Pro 2).

Milton Goh

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