Feedback/Suggestions for Microsoft Surface Power Adapter

It has been almost seven months since I bought my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and have always been a happy user. However, there are a few issues I have found with the Surface and I am going to detail out some of them from now onwards. Definitely, I hope this would bring improvement back to Microsoft so that they can take consumer feedback back to the team to see if this could be possibly fulfilled in future releases.

2014-04-30 23.11.17

2014-04-30 23.11.43

From the picture above, you can see that the rubber is tear from my AC cable. The AC cable is one that is used to plug into the power source on one head and on the other end it is connected to the adapter.

I notice that it got tore a couple of months ago after rigorous usage of my Surface Pro 2. Since the day I made my purchase, I have used my Surface Pro 2 as the replacement laptop for my work and/or personal usage. So I realized that it got tore of especially when I do not unplug the AC cable from the adapter before tidying up the cable and kept into a pouch.

I never had such experience before for my previous laptop (Dell XPS 13, HP Elitebook and Lenovo X220) so I find it rather weird.

So hereby, I am putting through this suggestions to Microsoft.

  1. Change the head of the end for the AC cable so that it does not break so easily.
  2. Increase the length of the cable (especially the AC cable section) – Reason being is that, since the adapter has an USB port which has always been very handy for me. I would love the adapter to be near me especially when the power socket is further from where my laptop is situated most of the time. I have always use the USB port to plug my cable to charge my mobile phone. This save me the hassle to bring one more adapter head along and also charge faster this way (comparing to charging using USB port on my Surface Pro 2).

Milton Goh

Valore USB 3.0 Hub for my Surface Pro 2

It’s time that I realize that I would need to spend a little on this gadget. I never had any affinity with USB Hub because for those that I bought in the past always fails me after a while. This makes me worry when I need to put on investments into spending bucks on it. So while doing shopping at the local computer store, Challenger yesterday, I walked into the store with the aim to walk out with a USB Hub. So while trying to find the various brands, I am always directed at those from Valore where it seems to storm the whole of Challenger nationwide with their line of products. Nevertheless, let me present to you – Valore 4 Ports USB 3.0 Hub.

2014-04-04 22.34.06

For goodness sake, I don’t know why of all colours I start to choose colour that I wouldn’t have chosen in the past. Perhaps, it’s Nokia Lumia that changed my mind!

2014-04-04 22.34.24

2014-04-04 22.35.52

Looking at the packaging, it is really simple and neat. Somehow I feel that the design is like a battery pack though. I hooked up to my Surface Pro 2 and everything is working amazing as it should be.

Milton Goh

My Revamped Command Post @ Home Office

It has been a long time since I wanted to use my new polished Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as my only computer for my day work and other purposes after office hours. However, the problem lies with the ability to connect two of my monitors to my Surface because it comes with just one Mini DisplayPort. So all along I have been stuck with using my Lenovo T420 that I bought in year 2011 primarily for my University usage. It has a good specifications but I realized that although the RAM and Hard Disk is never a problem, it felts a little sluggish for the CPU. It just seems to take slightly longer to process stuffs now.

I have been wanting to get the a docking station so that I can hook up more stuffs (USB etc) to my Surface but the one docking station from Microsoft itself is really expensive! With a price tag of USD 199, I simply could not put myself into buying it! One disadvantage of that docking station is that, even if extends more USB ports but I am still limited to extending one monitor only. So while posting over on Twitter, Todd Klindt (@toddklindt) recommended me the one he used for his Surface. He recommended to me Plugable UD-3900 Dual Display Universal Docking Station. The price tag for this is USD 119, which is relative fair. I could simply order it from Amazon but the constraints is…

  1. For this item, Amazon does not support shipping directly back to Singapore. Therefore I will be stuck with using vPOST (which provides me with a US address and have it shipped back from vPOST all the way to Singapore).
  2. Lesson learnt from my last purchase of hardware from US through comGateway the last time have spank me to think – Once bitten, twice shy. Refer to post here.

So I took some time to do more research on whether there will be any docking station available for purchase off the shelf in Singapore but to no avail. Then on one fine day, I got to check out this post from Paul Mah (@paulmah) where he wrote a review on the docking station from Targus that he was provided to write the post. I drop him a tweet to check with him on whether where I could grab one of the docking station which he had used before. He was kind enough to have given me the set that he has as it has been lying around in his new home for a long time. So credits goes to him for enabling my Surface Pro 2 to be connected to two of my monitors. See photo below with my new command post.

2014-01-29 23.55.08

Look at the docking station in action:

2014-01-30 21.42.58

I personally think that the Microsoft Surface adoption rate is very slow in Singapore because I don’t see lots of people using that as their preferred tablet. However, I believe more and more people would start to buy the idea of using a Surface for their work/study if Microsoft is willing to bring in Surface Pro 2 into the Singapore market.

Milton Goh

Surface Pro / Surface Pro 2 Accessories–HDMI to Mini DisplayPort

I am hooked with Microsoft hardware and therefore rather than going to third-party manufacturer which may cost me maybe one-third cheaper, I still go ahead with getting everything OEM.

Welcome the Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cable into the family. Right now, I am just short off the docking station so that I can simply connect my Surface Pro 2 to my two awesome monitors at home.

2013-12-20 23.16.36

2013-12-20 23.17.33

I feel that the packaging of Microsoft is really getting better!

Milton Goh