System Center Universe Asia Pacific 2014–I’m Attending!


It’s less than 30 hours to System Center Universe Asia Pacific 2014 in Kuala Lumpur! I am so excited about this as I will be expose to hearing from the real System Center experts from all over the world!

This conference come just in time as I am just been tasked to explore in detail about System Center Service Manager.

If you are there and you see me, just say hi to me!


Milton Goh

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Connecting System Center 2012 App Controller to Windows Azure

In today video post, I am going to demonstrate the steps to make use of your on-premises System Center 2012 App Controller to manage the Virtual Machine / Cloud that is hosted in the public cloud – Microsoft Azure. In today video, the agenda is as followed.

  1. Exporting the .CER and .PFX from App Controller.
  2. Importing .CER into Windows Azure Management Certificate section.
  3. Adding Windows Azure subscription into System Center 2012 App Controller.

There are multiple links out there to demonstrate with screen shot on how we can achieve this some of them may have outdated. Nevertheless, we should always give credits to the fellow community leader for their earlier effort.

System Center 2012 App Controller connecting to Windows Azure by Thomas Maurer (Virtual Machine MVP)

Milton Goh

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Create Virtual Machine Template in System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager

In today video podcast, it will be all about creating virtual machine template using an existing virtual machine that is hosted within the perimeter of Virtual Machine Manager 2012. With the newly created template, a new Virtual Machine is being created on the spot to ensure that there is no error and also to prove that the whole process is seamless, easy and organized.

Some pointers to take note for this whole exercise is that,-

  • Make sure the virtual machine that you intend to use for creating virtual machine template is sysprep with generalized first.
  • Ensure that the virtual machine you are intending to use for creating virtual machine template is not any of the production virtual machine and do make sure you clone it to ensure things doesn’t goes wrong.

It’s always better to be on the safe side. 😉

Some information about Virtual Machine Manager 2012 can be found here. –

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