My One Week Review On Using TouchPad vs Mouse

It has been one week and two days that I have bought my Logitech TouchPad. Here is my thoughts of using the TouchPad vs a Mouse.

Reason for Using TouchPad

  • Probably the one best reason that I have for getting the TouchPad is because I thought my fingers would do the job more than my wrist.
  • The built-in TouchPad on my Dell XPS 13 doesn’t give me the kind of comfort level that I am expecting.
  • I pretty much want to utilize the gestures that is available with using TouchPad on Windows 8.

Reason for Stop Using TouchPad

  • I do lots of screen shot / screen capture (whatever you call that) and seriously it is a challenge to use my fingers to really catch the edges.
  • Lugging around a huge TouchPad is no longer cool.

So probably what is the best solution to solve this? – Try bringing both devices instead! 🙂

Have you met into the situation like mine? Share with me your thoughts!

Milton Goh

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