USB Ethernet Adapter–Becoming the norm

I realized that in certain weeks after I have converted my desktop server into multiple Intel NUC box to replaced as a farm of Hyper-V servers, I actually needed to purchase more USB-to-Ethernet Adapter converter so that I can connect to various VLAN (Virtual LAN) in my network. I uses different brand all the times because the local computing store do not usually carry the same brands all the time even though the intervals period that I made the purchase is just 2 weeks. It’s weird, I know.

Take a look at the one that I have bought recently.

2014-01-05 11.24.54

2014-01-05 11.25.01

There are a couples of other brands available but I had affinity with J5Create products because I am currently using their USB-to-DVI converter and it is perfect, I would say.

There are many folks out there who said that it is a best practices to have at least 4 NICs when running Hyper-V for various purposes but since this is just my lab environment, I would definitely add in more, when needed. Since the convenient of just USB converter is so much easier now.

I still remember in the past when I was running my desktop server, what I did was to add in PCI NIC card which I could add to maximum of around 3 (2 x PCI card + 1 on-board LAN).

Milton Goh

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  1. Anders April 29, 2014 at 6:47 pm - Reply

    Nice blog.. I found when searching for NUC Hyper-V, which is what I’m attempting to build right now. A question for you: did you manage to locate a signed driver for the onboard NIC that worked with your Server OS – mine is Windows Server 2012 R2, but I’ve had no luck. Instead I had to compromise an use another intel driver – which doesn’t match my card 100%. I could be in a world of pain down the road 🙂
    I’m using the D54250WYKH NUC..

  2. Balien March 20, 2016 at 3:11 pm - Reply

    TRENDnet’s USB 3.0 to Gigabit Adapter + USB Hub, type TU3-ETGH3, builds a Gigabit Ethernet slot and also 3 five Gbps Super high Speed USB 3.0 jacks to a Windows® or even Mac® PC.

    The TU3- ETGH3 is usually suitable with USB two and also one jacks. An enclosed additional electrical energy adapter delivers complete energy to energy greedy USB equipments.

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